Generosity towards the dead is always repaid. St. Bridget declares in her Revelations that she heard a voice from the depths of the Purgatorial flames pronouncing these words: “May those be blessed, may those be rewarded, who relieve us from these pains!’ And on another occasion: “O Lord God, show thy Almighty power in recommending a hundredfold those who assist us by their suffrages.” Once St. Bridget heard the voice of an angel saying: “Blessed be upon earth those who by their prayers and good works, come to the assistance of the poor suffering souls!”
The poor souls pray for us not only after their release, but even in their state of exile, and in the midst of their excruciating pain and suffering.
Father Rossignoli says: There is no doubt on their entrance into eternal glory the first favours which they ask of the Divine Mercy are for those who have opened to them the gates of Paradise, and they never fail to pray for their benefactors, whenever they see them in any necessity or danger.
The great Padre Pio observed that the prayers of the holy souls are infused with a lot of suffering and hence they are more efficacious. Furthermore, every prayer we recite, every Mass we offer, every sacrifice we undergo, every help we render to the poor, for the repose of the dear departed souls, will come back to us in blessings a hundredfold! The holy souls are friends of God and their prayers on our behalf are always efficacious. They are powerful intercessors and God will not turn a deaf ear to their prayers, infused as every prayer is, with intense suffering. They may not elleviate their own sufferings as they have to comply with the justice of God, but their prayers for our good do work. Besides, they are grateful to us. We can pray for them and to them with great faith and confidence. They will watch over us with great love, care and tenderness; they will guide and guard our faltering steps; they will caution us against sinful ways; they will protect us in moments of great danger and when our time for Purgatorial suffering comes, they will use their power of intercession on our behalf to mitigate our pains and shorten the duration of our stay in Purgatory.

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