Thursday’s Reflections on Divine Mercy ;

Desiring the Lord to the Greatest Degree.

When you pray, and when you pray long and hard, the Lord will enter in. He will commune with you and unite His Heart to yours. You will experience these effects in various ways. One common effect is that the closer you are drawn into union with Christ, the more you will desire this union. And the more you desire this union, the more you will be drawn into union. Your prayer has a cyclical effect upon your union and your desire. This is good to be aware of so as to allow our Lord to use your desires to be drawn into greater holiness of life.

What do you desire the most in life? What is the treasure you seek? This is an important reflection to make in an honest and sincere way. “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Mt. 6:21). If the Lord is your greatest treasure in life, then your heart will be drawn to Him in a powerful way. You will desire intimacy with Him and that desire will draw you close. Reflect, honestly, upon what you desire and allow the insight you gain to reorder the priorities you have.

Lord, please help me to make You the central Treasure of my life and to seek You and to desire You with all my heart. As I am drawn to You, increase my desire, and as You increase my desire, draw me closer. Lord, I pray that every aspect of my life may ultimately become consumed with a longing to serve You and Your holy Will. Jesus, I trust in you.

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