The health of the body

  1. Why do we commit sin? To satisfy the desires of our body immediately. Without thinking that this is how we ruin it. He who loses his soul, will save his body? No, their fate is common: both saved or both condemned. We only have one body: if this one is damn we don’t have another to become happy. And the torment will be all over the body, and not somewhere else, what happens when we are sick in this world. A headache, a poorly made bed, a uncomfortable chair, a disgusting food, an uncomfortable position… But what in the hell will happen?
  2. Do we care so much about the outside? One day we will die and when we are buried in the earth, what will our body look like? Always remember that we are dust, we come from dust and to poverty we shall return. Unfortunately, we do our best to forget this sad reality. At least in these days we think well about our body, and we think above all to what its terrible appearance will be, to what its eternal destiny will be, if we allow it to be condemned to the punishment of hell.
  3. If the weakness of the body pushes us to evil, let’s reflect that if we surrender to its immediate desires, we will eventually have eternal unhappiness. There is no proportion between a passenger pleasure and an endless torment. It is undoubtedly right and obligatory to love one’s body; but let us offer it the real goodness, the real beauty: a good and eternal beauty in heaven.

It is necessary to control our bodies, if we want you to stay healthy on earth and glorious in heaven. It is true that diseases are not always a result of bad habits and that can affect even the saints, but then let’s trust Mary. The Virgin Mary is the health of our body: and it cannot be otherwise, because she gave birth to the heavenly physician who has not only healed the wounds of the soul, but also the diseases of the body. She, with her intercession, is the defense against the dangers and the health of nurses.

A loving mother cares not only about our soul but also about our body. Therefore it helps us in need, protects us from dangers, consoles us when we are full of pain for evil. The life of the saints, the history of the Church, the monuments of the peoples tell how many times Mary has healed the sick now abandoned by everyone, she saved from wreckage and dangers of all kinds, she protected from enemies. The stones and gifts of the faithful found in the Mariani sanctuaries testify to the protection of our Heavenly Mother in favor of those who call on her with confidence in dangers and diseases. The mercy of the faithful, grateful for many favors received, call it Health of Nurses, Lady of Rescue, Mother of Health. Therefore we go to Mary, when our bodies are suffering, and we will always find comfort and help, health and protection.

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