Daily Guide

True Perfection

MY CHILD, when I send you spiritual desires and interior consolation, do not consider yourself holier than you were before. Spiritual progress does not consist of these gifts alone. They are not proof of higher virtue.

  1. True spiritual progress and all solid virtue consist of self-surrender to Me. Seek to know ever better what I think of your daily life. Try to understand more clearly what I desire of you. Do not think that you know enough, or that you are doing well enough in your daily life. As long as I deserve better than what you are, you must not be self-satisfied.
  2. Your effort must be to gain more and more of My thoughts, My desires and My outlook on life. You must also try to guide and control your daily life as I desire. Do this with complete devotion to My Will. With equal peace of soul give thanks for whatever I send you, be it visible success or failure, prosperity or adversity.
  3. My loyal disciples follow Me in humility and in selfless obedience. Their patience keeps them from discouragement and their charity preserves them from disgust. They advance in perfection each day, pleasing Me more and more in their way of thinking, speaking, and acting. Come, follow Me along the path of true perfection.

Many people do not know the true meaning of Christian perfection. They think it merely means going to church, saying a certain number of prayers, and avoiding all serious sins. One who does this much is holy because he is in the state of grace, and consequently has God dwelling in his soul. Such a person, however, may be very imperfect, being careless about his lesser faults and defects. Others think that Christian perfection consists of extraordinary spiritual manifestations like visions or extreme penances. These things, however, may not necessarily come from God, but from a sick mind, or one’s own self- love, or even from the devil. Christian perfection begins with the state of grace, but it aims further. One who seeks this perfection, strives to live more fully for God by a greater imitation of Christ’s earthly example. He seeks to dedicate himself as completely to the Will of the heavenly Father as Jesus did. Hence he tries to think, speak, and act more like Jesus each day. The greater his success in “putting on” Christ, the greater his degree of Christian perfection.

My Jesus, model of all true perfection, You said that I must be perfect as Your heavenly Father is perfect. You also said that he who sees You sees also the Father. Therefore, by being more like You in my daily life, I shall become more like our heavenly Father. As I go along throughout my daily activities, make me more conscious of Your holy example. Show me how I may imitate You in each event of daily life. To dispose myself for these wonderful graces, I shall try to read, meditate, and reflect how I may become more like You. Give me strength to remain loyal to You when my selfish human nature clamors for its own satisfactions. I desire to give You this greater loyalty because You deserve it. You have done so much for my sake. Help me do more for You. Amen.

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